Saves my Crib: Trend Lab CribWrap

customer review

If your teething baby is slowly destroying your crib, tyr the Trend-Lab CribWrap today!

My toddler has be teething a ton.  I had always intended to get crib wraps but waited to long and then noticed some teeth marks on the railings of my crib!  Oops, guess I should have gotten these sooner.  Now we have the crib wrap to save it from getting any worse.  We want the crib to last until it becomes a full sized bed, so we really don't want bite marks.  Any parent should buy these for ANY crib before your child grows teeth.  Once they grow teeth, they can easily leave marks on any crib!  Teeth are strong, especially when they are knawing on something.

- Review for CribWrap Rail Covers

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