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My 1st OccuPLAYtion™ features real and relevant occupations that parents and gift givers can relate to and bond with their little ones forever. These working pals encourage young children’s exploration of the world so they are ready to embrace interaction they may have with people in occupations they may encounter. Who says learning tools can’t involve cuddles? With bright fun colors, satisfying crinkle paper, and a delightful rattle, these hard-working pals will add the perfect mix of STEM toy education with the comfort of a forever snuggle stuffed friend.

Educational Benefits

  • Promotes pretend play facilitate early language development
  • Plush toys help children cope with stress, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Crinkle paper enriches senses and promotes dexterity
  • Rattle develops baby’s motor skills and delights children in creating sounds through shaking

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