Chibi Plush Zoo Animals

"Chibi is defined in the Urban Dictionary as a Japanese animé word describing endearingly cute little characters with oversized heads and big engag...
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Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Rail Covers Review

I really wish I would have known about crib rail coverswhen Bug was a baby.  Unfortunately I didn’t and my little “Beaver” baby chewed all over the...
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20+ Adorable Diaper Bags: All Under $50 - Trend Lab Vintage Messenger Bag

You'll look like you just trotted over from the French countryside with this oh-so-elegant bag. The modern black-and-sage print is 100% cotton twil...
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Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Rail Cover

This wrap-and-tie crib rail cover is designed to protect baby and protect cribs from teeth marks. It is lightly padded with a waterproof layer, and...
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Moses Baskets Essentials: Trend Lab Moses Basket

Moses Baskets are a traditional and easy way mothers for centuries have had a safe and secure place for their babies while at work, at home, or on ...
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Giveaway: Backstage Creations Celebrity Gift Basket

Backstage Creations, specialists in award show gifts and custom backstage Celebrity Retreats, is celebrating our favorite Hollywood parents with th...
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Trend Lab Diaper Bags Review

Trend Lab Diaper Bags and gifts is totally home grown. 100% owned by women in the USA this popular company began with adorable crib bedding and sty...
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Trend Lab Baby Products

Trend Lab Baby gifts and products is a 100% woman owned USA company that started with fabulous crib bedding and bags with the idea that Moms and Da...
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