Mommy Kate: Trend Lab (Perparing For Baby) Velour Blanket

I know that whether you are preparing for baby or for a baby shower, there are many items to keep in mind that a parent needs for a new baby. One thing that I know has always been needed with all of my babies, were blankets. I never seemed to have enough. I would have some washing then I would use one, then have others waiting to be washed along with my other daily baby items that I used. I think that when you are getting ready for a baby shower, you cant go wrong with a blanket. As long as it is soft and will keep the baby warm, it will be good to go! I know when I was preparing for our son, I took my daughter shopping. When we found out we were having a boy with him, she was not very happy. She really wanted a little sister, so to help her be more excited about having a little brother, I took her baby shopping with me.

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